Trending HDB Home Designs of 2021

Home Interior Designing is tedious and a time-consuming endeavour, but the feeling of satisfaction, once your new home or BTO is complete, is truly something else. While you could hire an interior designer for your home to handle the design and oversee renovations, homeowners should have decent know-how on what they want for their home. The types of designs, colours, themes and furniture are all open to consideration, even under a trending style. 

A home designed with an eclectic theme, for instance, varies greatly depending on the homeowner’s preferences. Being informed also means your designer will have a better handle on what to cater for your home, which is a win-win for both parties!

When you think about interior design, there are so many different aspects to it. It involves choosing a particular design theme either for the whole home or you choose different themes for different rooms of the house. Interior design and doors are related; the door is the first aspect of a room you see – so your bedroom doors have to be properly selected.

Then there is the color theory and how different colors and shades go with one another. The kind of furniture, curtains, upholstery, and other items all need to be selected in a way so that they all complement each other.

In this article, we will describe some of the trending HDB home designs through which you can gain some inspiration for your home interior design projects. Hopefully, you will get to understand the different types of doors and the relationship between doors and interior design.

Add Textures

One of the trending designs of HDB homes includes the addition of various textures in almost all parts of the design. These textures could be in the upholstery, furniture, curtains, or other elements.

Textured furniture would include different textures, grooves, and other elements that enhance the three-dimensional nature of the furniture. There would be minimum smooth surfaces and panels. Tactile objects like fabric (curtains or carpets), stone (for walls or doorways) and finally wooden doors are all great ways that interior designers use to add visual variation to your home surfaces. There would be minimum smooth surfaces and panels. Not to say that they do not have a purpose, but if everything looks clean it does not add much character to your home either. Timber doors are great for adding texture to your exterior and interior, giving them a classic and secure look.

Textured upholstery can include different fabric materials for the sofas and cushions along with a differently textured fabric for the curtains. Thus, the different kinds of textures will create a unique and exciting design experience.

Go Overboard With Decorating

Although minimalist interior design is also trending to some extent, going overboard with decorating is something which you can definitely try and experiment with.

Use large wall artwork and balance them out with small-scale decorative details to create playful layers. Contrasting patterns on fabric for the upholstery, curtains, and bed linen can be thrown in for good measure. To balance these large prints, use some grounding colors and shades in some elements so everything complements each other.

Use Checks, Dots, And Stripes

The all-time favourite patterns of the check, dots, and stripes are in fashion again. You can use either of these patterns but combining them in different aspects of the interior design will ensure a more harmonious and eye-catching sight. If an entire patterned wall is too “showroom” or common for your taste, these textures can be added with your furniture instead, like a few interesting stools at your bar top or unique cushion covers at your sofas and armchairs. The possibilities here are endless, so get creative and give your home some individual flair.

You can use these stripes on the walls as paint or wallpaper and balance it out with a checkered print on the bed linens. This is a great way to transform your HDB home on a budget too. Conversely, you can use a striped patterned sofa with cushions of polka dots or checkered prints. You can use different contrasting colors for these elements or choose one basic tone and add its different hues to the design elements.

Choose Bold Color Palettes

Although you can never go wrong with a cool and neutral color palette, adding bold and bright colors can significantly transform the room’s appearance and make it look more fresh and lively. Color theory is a great way to find matching carpentry and door types for your home. The key here is to use bold and bright colors in just some aspects of the design and then balance them out with neutral and grounded shades in other elements.

Laminated doors are great for this purpose since they can be customised to fit your design needs. Their opening mechanism can be barn-styled (the door slides out when opened and is visible) or a pocket door (the door slides into a recess within a wall when opened) so your colour scheme is enhanced. Your exterior door or even steel gate can be painted in a primary colour, which is red, yellow or blue, to give your home more external appeal.

Therefore, you can have a bright-coloured wall that can be balanced by neutral shades of furniture and upholstery. Bright and bold colors also go really well with floral and tropical patterns. So use them together in a mix and match style and you will see them work their magic. Classic marble pairs well with many designs of HDB room doors, so be aware of the different types of doors for the best combo!

Rustic Interior Design

One of the trendiest designs that almost everyone likes is the rustic home design. This design is appealing to almost anyone who doesn’t want to part with their modern home but still want to add some vintage and rustic elements to the space. This rustic interior design is most well-suited to such a home that already has some interesting features such as exposed beams, original floorboards, and panelled walls. Your laminated sliding doors can be customized to fit any aesthetic, including rustic.

By bringing together old and new pieces, you can create a space that works together in harmony to create a rustic, yet modern and comfortable abode. One of the main features of this design is reclaimed wood and timber doors, so be sure to add it to the space and complement it with other elements that show grain and texture instead of perfectly finished pieces. As the most common material used for doors, wood fixtures are something you can never go wrong with. You’ll find them featured heavily in most trending HDB home designs and other interior design blogs.

Contemporary Country Look

If you prefer a contemporary country look, then this design is for you. It features warm amber tones with different elements featuring meadow prints and embroidery. This design uses lots of natural textures and mixes and matches them with contemporary elements and prints that go together to create a balanced and harmonious space. Light-colored wooden furniture along with floral wallpapers can add beauty to this design. Use cane furniture with wooden floors and wooden beams to complete this look. Laminated sliding doors are a bold addition that complements the old-fashioned aesthetic while preserving functionality in your home.

Use Yellow And Grey In the Bedroom

The two of the most trending interior design colors for this year are yellow and grey. When the illuminating shade of yellow is used with a pale gray shade, the result is a beautiful amalgamation of bold and neutral. In color theory, both these colors represent strength, solidarity, and hope which is sure to uplift anyone’s mood. Although these colors can be chosen for the living room as well, they do exceptionally well in a bedroom. Bedroom doors with muted and inoffensive tones are widely preferred by many interior designers for this reason, like the one below at our project in Clementi.

Gray does not mean your room is dull or pallid, either. A lightish gray tone pairs very well with timber and industrial styled furniture such as your desk or cabinetry. Colour can always be introduced with artworks and decor later on. Your room being entirely bright yellow might not be that great of an aesthetic choice, but light gray is relaxing and homely.

You can paint one wall of the bedroom yellow and the other walls gray or you can keep all the walls gray and incorporate yellow color in the curtains and bed linens. The bedroom door can also be of gray or yellow color to complete the look.

Deep, Earthy Shades

You can never go wrong while choosing deep earthy shades of brown, grays, and blacks. Deep shades of greens, rust, reds, and blue also come in this category. All these deep colors are very comforting and welcoming to the eye. Of course, you need to offset these with a few neutrals or whites so they don’t overwhelm and give a very gloomy appeal. When combined with whites and off whites, these colors give a simple yet elegant appearance to any room.

These colors go well in the living room, bedroom, study room, and hallway. Combine this with some natural plants and simple artwork and you get a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Hardwood doors are great for adding earthy tones to any room in your home.

Choose Ocean Hues

If you like the relaxing poolsides and beach gateways, then try opting for cool ocean hues. Soft shades of aqua, teal, and sand brown bring about a comforting and contemporary look to any home. When such a color combination is further combined with white windows and doors along with white or oak-colored furniture, it just feels like a beachside resort. It creates a tranquil home that depicts a deep association with peace, calm, and comfort.

Add An Element of Nature to Your Home

Plants and flowers add such freshness and liveliness to any home that is simply unmatched. They add a touch of nature to your house and you can immediately feel their freshness the moment you step into the house. Even if other elements of your interior design are not that well-balanced or coordinated, plants will act as the thing that binds everything together. These implements are trendy amongst HDB home designs in 2021, and for good reason too.

You can have different sized plants in your living room, bedroom, study room, and even the bathroom. If you feel that natural plants are difficult to maintain, you can even opt for artificial ones since they would also be able to offer some form of freshness and liveliness to an otherwise dull space.

If plants are too much hassle for our busy lifestyle often leaving us away from home, tapestries containing natural imagery can be hung for more personal touches. The sky’s the limit with decorations, but overdoing decor can bring clutter which leads to bad Feng Shui.

Crucial Tips to Consider while Buying Exterior Doors

A perfect exterior door sets the feel of a perfect entrance. It appeals to your sense of arrival. Your main door commands the attention of your guests and neighbours. Besides setting an impression, it makes you and your family members feel sound and secure. A fine quality exterior door is one of the most essential parts of your home.

Exterior doors perk up your home’s curb appeal, increasing its competence and adding value to it. Everyone should own an amazing door that they are proud of, one that gives a distinctive personal touch to their home.

The HDB main door is generally the focal point of a house. It should suit and compliment the exterior of your home. An exterior door with the right color, style, and texture sets the overall tone of your home.

Moreover, choosing the ideal door material plays a crucial part in the overall appeal of the door. Every material such as metal, glass and wood gives different look to the door. Select the material which suits your needs and desire.

Everybody desire the great exterior door while having no doubts when it comes to its value for money. A door with an alluring finish adds to the beauty of the home, increasing its charm while giving the guests a warm welcome. 

Today, homeowners opt for subtle and unique doors that are in trend. With dozens of options available from conventional to modern styles, from glass doors to designer wooden frames and traditional to luxury handles, it has become overwhelming to choose the perfect exterior door.

With several designs available, you are bound to come across a perfect contemporary door solution for your home.

Here are some vital tips to keep in mind while finding a perfect exterior door for your home. 

Time of Replacement

The first thing you need to check is whether your exterior door needs replacement or not. You can determine it by looking into some physical damages like cracks, rotting, scratches, shedding, dullness, and warping.

Conducting a simple inspection of your door will tell you to what extent your door has been damaged. Warping, shedding, and rotting are the obvious signs of replacement, so if you are facing any of them then it is time for a new door. 

Getting just a new door can prove to be the much-needed makeover for your house. It can change the whole appearance of your house giving it a new and fresh look.

Understand the Terminology of Doors

When discussing getting a perfect door for your home, there are few terms that must understand to choose the door of your choice. How you want your door to open? Here comes the inswing and outswing doors which open inside and outside respectively.

According to the design of your hallway and your décor, you can choose from the left-handed or right-handed door determining the side which has hinges. 


Doors with mix and matching of materials are in fashion these days. So if you want glass in the door in small fraction you can choose for lite. Panels of wood are used in contemporary as well as the traditional style of doors.

The exterior door of your house is way more than just a brown or white panel of wood. Therefore, by using high-tech technology, people are today designing the doors in a way that will not only secure your house but will also add a new and unique look to the entrance of your house. HDB doors are becoming more and more unique.

When it comes to choosing the main doors, you need to think carefully regarding the style and texture of the door. You need to check out if it is weather resistant or not, is the design of your exterior door matching with the color of your house. A correct texture can make all the difference in the overall look of your door.

Create a Good First Impression

Your exterior door is the first thing your guests will notice while entering your home. There is no denying fact that no one wants to welcome the visitors through an abysmal door. Likewise, making a first good impression and giving a long-lasting memory with a gorgeous entry door is important.

The color schemes in your home are the next big thing that people will notice. Your exterior door has big shoes to fill. It should be protective and commanding, yet also cosy and welcoming. It harmonises with the rest of your home and conveys a strong message to all who enter through

Most people say that maintaining an entrance door is an extremely expensive job. Well, no one likes to enter a house that has a rotted or warped door. A poor clumsy door gives a bad impression of your house. The exterior of your home should be inviting and matches your curb appeal, making anyone who enters happy and positive.

Replacing a basic old door with some new luxury design can dramatically change the appearance of your entrance. This can help with Feng Shui too!

Find the Elegant Door Material 

The material of the door can make a huge difference to the overall beauty and appeal of the door.

Depending on your taste, you can customize your exterior doors with any material so that it can bring out distinctive features to your house. Whether it is a sophisticated look or a traditional design, you can line out any material or texture of your choice and create a perfect entrance door for your house.

Well, if you are looking for affordable solutions that will match your personality, then wooden, steel, metal, glass or fibreglass doors can be your ideal choice.

The exterior doors that are made from wood give your place a conventional and a traditional look while making you feel elegant and graceful. Doors like these are supposed to improve the curb appeal of your house. Moreover, being a heavy material, the doors that are made of metal are robust and secure.

Elegance is the key to maintain a good image in public, and with several wood grain options available for glass exterior door, you can achieve the graceful front door. Fibreglass is another material that can give you the wooden door feel without breaking a hole in your bank. It is one of the cheap and cost-effective door options. This is one of the easiest materials to maintain, which means that you there won’t be any holes in your pockets each year to uphold your fibreglass door.

The major concern of any house owner is having a door that sells security and durability, and for this, the steel doors are the perfect choice for anyone. Most of the steel doors are constructed from 24-gauge steel, furthermore, they are impossible to kick in and complex to dent or bend.

In addition to this, the steel doors are fire-resistant, as well as difficult to warping and cracking.

Hardware to Enhance the Exterior Doors

Adding hardware to your door has become a trend these days. Some of the people are driving in the alley of ancient history by adding up the handles on their doors, while some are going contemporary with the digital lock features. Others are opting for hardwood front doors.

Moreover, when an amazing set of products are added to exterior doors, it completes the entire look and improves the functionality of the front door. 


A door is the protection serum to your peaceful living, and when installed a secure and beautiful entrance door, makes you look secure and graceful at the same time. 

It becomes important for you to make your place more welcoming. With gorgeous exterior doors, regardless of the place, you take your guests to your house they will be always pleased with your choice. Having amazing doors that makes your guests and family members smile brings out the best to your house. The same can be said for interior doors.

It looks like you are ready for a stunning replacement door. Well, replacing the exterior door is not a small task, it requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Installing a door that is secure, energy-efficient, durable, stylish, and sets a statement about you is not an easy haul. You need to line up the different styles and texture that will match with the interior and exterior of your house. 

These are some of the most trending interior design ideas of the year that you can adopt in your HDB home and transform its outlook completely.

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