Different Type of Doors

Homeowners might overlook the significance of doors when planning their interior design. After all, they’re just present to lead you to the room, which is the main star of your home design, right?

However, the truth is, doors are an essential aspect of interior design. There is a need to balance the functionality and aesthetic capabilities of this piece of furniture in your home. The material and opening mechanism of the door is also dependent on the purpose it serves, so your doors will be different based on its placement.

Doors serve the dual purpose of security and protection. Choosing the right door can, quite literally, open up your life to more opportunities. The right bedroom door can brighten up your home and create a comfortable and restful ambience. A good fire-rated door can block and hold a fire in case there is one.

On the other hand, picking a door that doesn’t match the room can end up making your home look messier, which is something homeowners should avoid. Main doors are sometimes guilty of this as the only real exterior of an HDB – they stand out the most.

Today, we pay more attention to the neglected small aspects of your home – the doors that you interact with daily but plays a significant role in defining your home.

Hopefully, for new homeowners looking to design and decorate their home, this article gives you a better idea of the choices you have and the problems you might have faced when picking out different HDB main doors for your home.

Type of Kitchen Doors

Shaker cabinet doors

Versatile in colours, design and size, shaker-styled cabinet doors are famous for their elegant design. They are easily recognizable from their recessed center panel and plain rails design.

Shaker cabinet doors are commonly made out of timber and timber doors have good insulation properties, which is a bonus for when working in the kitchen, where it is often exposed to heat. You can also get these from many places since they are common, replacing your cabinet doors however you see fit. These are classic elements used in many homes for decades, and never really go out of style.

Louvred cabinet doors

Louvred cabinet doors are known for their horizontal and vertical wooden slats. Their classy and sleek design makes them a popular choice for kitchen cabinet doors. Carpentry and door choice is important to level up your interior design. The slats make them ideal for ventilation, which is necessary when used in the kitchen.

Homeowners have the option of installing an opened louvred cabinet door or a closed louvred cabinet door. The opened louvred cabinet door has noticeable space between each slat. In contrast, the closed louvred cabinet door has very little space in between them. This makes them excellent for storing produce and goods that can be stored outside a fridge without cluttering your kitchen. Many homes have cabinets that are just empty, so why not put them to good use instead of empty storage space?

Slab cabinet doors

Slab cabinet doors are designed the same as their namesake. The accompanying cabinet doors come in the form of a solid slab, with no frame.

Its minimalistic design has made slab cabinets popular with many homeowners. Slab cabinet doors are extremely versatile in terms of design, which determines the cabinet’s price. They are versatile and fit well with most trending HDB interior designs. They are versatile and fit well with most trending HDB interior designs, including modern, contemporary and minimalist looks. Their fronts are usually completely flat so they do not take attention away from other visually appealing elements, or can be kept simple for a neat finish.

As such, it may not be the most wallet-friendly option on the market. That being said, slab kitchen doors that are made of solid hardwood are incredibly long-lasting and durable, which makes it a popular choice for cabinet doors.

To find out more and get inspiration for your carpentry, visit our gallery page!

Types of Wardrobe Doors

Hinged wardrobe doors

Hinged doors provide better visibility when they are used in wardrobes. When the door is opened, you can have a better glimpse of what’s inside your closet – allowing you to make a quick decision of what to wear, especially when you’re in a hurry.

To add on, hinged doors allow you to hang a mirror at the back of the door for added convenience. Alternatively, the space of the back of the door can be utilised for storage spaces or other decorative purposes.

However, hinged doors may inevitably take up more space as they swing outwards from the wardrobe, making it less ideal for small bedrooms.

Sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding doors are lauded because they don’t take up a lot of space, which is ideal for small areas. They also tend to be minimalistic in their design, making them compatible with homes with a minimalistic or Scandinavian-inspired interior design. As such, sliding doors are popular with homeowners who want a simple yet stylish touch in their homes.

Sliding doors tend to be more stable in terms of structure, as they are not dependent on hinges like most doors are. In addition, a mirrored sliding door can also help to give your room the illusion of a bigger space, which is optimal for rooms that are smaller in size. Whether laminated or wood, SG Doors’ factory in Singapore is able to customize any door you like.

However, using sliding doors mean that you cannot have a full view of what is inside your wardrobe at any given time. As such, for maximalists who would prefer their wardrobe to be laid out entirely in front of their eyes, this option may be less than ideal.

If not, for homeowners who don’t own many clothes or see this as less of a priority, sliding doors may be one of the best choices for a wardrobe door.

Types of Toilet Doors

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great space-saving option when it comes to toilets. This is especially ideal for homeowners who stay in small flats with limited space. These are different from pocket doors, since sliding doors are still visible when opened. Pocket doors are hidden in a recess within a wall when opened, so they can help save you even more space. They are great for HDB toilets that are already small.

Since there is no need for the door to swing out, homeowners will not have to worry about hitting other family members by accident when opening and closing the doors.

Frosted glass door

Frosted glass doors add a touch of refined elegance when used – all the while maintaining a sense of privacy. The glass surface helps create a spacious and airy appearance for the room, which may also help make the illusion of a larger space. 

Furthermore, the textured glass surface helps to stylise the room, making it look mysterious and chic. Frosted doors help illuminate a room with natural light while having privacy for its occupants, so they could be used for commercial purposes. 

Bifold toilet door

A well-known toilet door option with an easy to use mechanism, bifold toilet doors are affordable and durable, with an aluminium door frame that will not succumb to rust. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors to make a well-informed choice for your home.

Wooden doors are not suitable for bathroom or kitchen doors since they separate spaces that are commonly wet. Excess water content or moisture can affect the appearance of a timber door if not maintained properly. Bathroom doors made of wood should have a seal at the bottom that mitigates potential splashes, which might spoil the look of the door.

Bifold doors are famous for its durability and practicality and is also a space-saving option for those who have limited space in their washrooms. You can find out our bifold doors on our website today.


There are different doors for different purposes. They differ in operating mechanism or type of material, so it is important to speak with a certified door installer. Get a free quotation from us today and find out more about what a good door can do for your home!

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