How to Feng Shui Your HDB Home Design

When you are designing your home either from scratch or during renovation, you would want it to be the perfect mixture of elegance, style, peace, and calmness. One of the most important Chinese traditional concepts that is gaining popularity all over the world is Feng Shui.

Feng Shui means “wind and water” and it follows the belief that energy flows in the environment of a home. By connecting different elements of the home and the spaces around us, we can relate to our outer and inner worlds in an environment that allows positive energy to flow within.

Good Feng Shui within a home allows you to maximise utility in your living space by harmonizing the flow of energy. This can be a substantial benefit to us nowadays since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more and more of us to work from home by default. 

The concept of Feng Shui is deeply steeped in mindfulness, in the process of slowing down to notice all the little details in life so you can enjoy the present moment. Wind and water being the basic elements of Feng Shui overpower the design concepts when it is implemented in the interior design.

In this article, we will describe some simple yet efficient ways that you can adopt to bring the essence of Feng Shui into every room and aspect of your home. We will also discuss some things which need to be avoided in a Feng Shui design. We will also discuss some things which need to be avoided in your interior to maintain good Feng Shui.

Things to Do In Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not just about transforming the structure of a home but making small changes that enable the home to evolve with us. Some of these small changes and tweaks that can have a profound impact on our daily lives include the following:

Balance Out Each Room

The main concept of Feng Shui is to balance out all the energies flowing in and out of the rooms. Bedroom doors are important in separating rooms and helping different room settings harmonize under the interior design plan. The balance is also important with reference to the commanding positions of various elements of the house.

For example, the bed represents you, the desk represents your career, and the stove represents your wealth. In Feng Shui, you need to put these elements in the commanding position of each room. So, you want to place these elements in such a way that they face the main door so all the positive energy coming in from the door can directly be received. All other items in the room are then placed in accordance with these commanding pieces.

Pay Special Attention to Color Choice

Color is used in Feng Shui in relation to the five elements of nature that are Earth, fire, metal, wood, and water. The colors pertaining to these elements are used in various aspects of the interior design so that these elements of nature can bring in the energy to create balance and harmony.

These colors can be used on the walls, furniture, accessories, curtains, upholstery, and other decorative items. Yellow, orange, and brown color represent the element of Earth. The metal element is represented by grey, silver, and white shades. Shades of black and blue represent the water element. Red is the color of the element fire. Visit our article on Color Theory to learn more about how they can be paired with Feng Shui in mind!

Be Mindful Of The Entryway

The entryway of the house, your HDB front door, is considered the main area through which you enter or exit the home and face the outside world. Thus, you want it to be an area that gives the first impression to anyone who is entering. This area needs to be clean and clutter-free. Additionally, your front door should open inwards, since this symbolizes a welcoming home that brings good energy and luck to the occupants. If a door opens outwards, the Feng Shui of the entire house can be disrupted since it turns away the energy you would otherwise receive.

There should be plenty of light in the entryway so bright and uplifting energy can be observed. You can further accentuate the entryway by placing a good wall-hanging and a rug that brings out the positive energy whenever you pass it by. The mild steel gate in front of many HDBs can also be customized based on your preferences for Feng Shui and colour!

Think About Your Interior and Room Layout

Door placement also matters for good Feng Shui. Two doors directly facing each other are rare, but creates a bad flow of energy within your home that might be unhealthy. For mansionettes and landed homes, the placement of your staircase is also a key factor. 

Stairs themselves create unsettling Feng Shui within a home, so most of them are tucked away or hidden towards the rear of the house. A staircase in the center of the home or directly facing the front door is even more unsettling, since it is associated with up and down movement and deflects any good energy entering from your front door. Consult with your interior designer to make optimal changes to your home while maintaining a good balance of energy!

Furthermore, rooms themselves can be oriented for good Feng Shui. Beds, for instance, should be out of line from the bedroom door. This is bad luck because of the “coffin position” since if we sleep with our feet or head facing out of the door it resembles being carried away in a coffin. If your room has more space, the best arrangement is two bedside tables with your bed being accessible from both sides and in a “commanding position” (being able to see the door without being in line with it), which puts you in control of your life. 

Choose Feng Shui Colors For Your Doors

The doors of your HDB home play a very important role in Feng Shui design. The HDB room doors in your home should be clean, hung straight, and standing out from their surroundings. One very simple way to make your door stand out is to use different colors for it.

As discussed earlier, different colors represent different elements in Feng Shui. For example, if you want your home main door to represent clarity and precision, you can paint your door in greys, whites, off-whites, and metallic tones. If you would like to invite more wisdom and flow into your space, use shades of blue or black to represent the easy flow of water. If you want the energy of passion and illumination in your home, color the door bright red.

Things To Avoid In Feng Shui

Just like there are certain things which can be added to a space to bring in Feng Shui essence, there are certain things which need to be avoided if you want to create a Feng Shui environment in your home. These are discussed below:


The main element of Feng Shui or in fact in any kind of interior design is to keep the space clutter-free. You need to have just the right amount of furniture and other elements in the room so that the things do not appear overwhelming. Keeping everything in the right place and keeping the area clutter-free brings out positive energy that flows throughout the space. A simple bifold door for your bathroom helps reduce clutter, instead of an eye-catching door that does not match the rest of your house.

Of course, the degree of clutter is up to our own interpretation. It can also include visual clutter and the chaos that clashing furniture might cause. A clean looking laminated sliding door helps mitigate this clash, so your centerpieces and eye-catching furniture can stand out more.

When we have a lot of things spread across the home, we give the universe the message that we already have many things and do not require anything more. This creates a very negative energy and affects us all.

Broken Objects

Another thing that needs to be avoided in Feng Shui is broken objects. Broken things represent lost opportunities and creates stressful situations that affect the general balance and harmony of the house. It signifies the chances that you may have missed receiving someone or something completely amazing. Fix things as early as possible when they break so you do not miss on wonderful opportunities. View our catalogue for repairs, replacements and more!

Blocked Doors

Doors are an important entity in Feng Shui which enable positive energy to flow through them. They are the portals of positive energy and hence need to be completely unblocked. You would want to check all your doors so they open properly and are not blocked by any other furniture or any clutter. Exploring different types of doors for your entryways and carpentry is another viable option.

Doors and entries or exits are areas of high movement (in and out of your homes or rooms). Clutter around the doors such as too many shoe cabinets or potted plants can harm the energy flow in and out of your house, so keep those doors clear!

When the doors cannot open properly, it means that positive energy coming into your life is being blocked and you will miss out on potential opportunities. Your voice will not be heard or communicated properly to the world which will create a negative energy flow. Find out more about different door types and opening mechanisms, or contact us today for free advice and a quotation!

Dirty Corners And Windows

In Feng Shui, cleanliness is an important aspect. Often during cleaning, we miss out on the corners or don’t pay special attention to them. This lets negative energy bounce back inside which disrupts the space’s balance. The windows are considered to be the eyes of the inhabitants in Feng Shui. It lets you see the outside world and what it has to offer.

When the windows are dirty, we can’t see clearly and hence we are caught up in our perceptions. We fail to see the amazing opportunities that are lying in front of us. So Feng Shui directs you to clean your windows and then experience the light and joy that come inside your life.

Artwork That Is Hung Too Low

Another aspect of Feng Shui is that nothing should be hung on the wall that is too low. Having these low-levelled things can represent a low and negative feeling that disrupts the energy flow and harmony of a home. It is supposed to bring down your chi whereas you should be doing things that uplift it. So, all kinds of artwork and other wall hangings should not be hung very low to ensure good Feng Shui design.

These are some of the simplest ways in which you can add elements of good Feng Shui in your HDB home. Once you adopt these changes and tweaks, you will notice generalized positive energy throughout your day and it will help you become more productive, efficient, and at peace.

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Disclaimer: All materials in this article are not intended to replace professional advice from a qualified Fengshui or Buddhist practitioner. The practices and information listed in this article are to be used at the reader’s own discretion and liability. SGDoor assumes no liability of damages or responsible in any manner for damage of property or bodily harm resulting from any information or materials provided herein.