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SG Doors provides the highest quality HDB main doors in Singapore. We are in business for over 20 years and have a wide range of HDB Doors shipped directly from our factory. Get in contact with us here for the best deals on HDB Door installation in Singapore!

Why choose us as your HDB door company

We take on almost all kinds of HDB door jobs, as well as commercial and condominium laminate door projects. Our factory in Singapore will be able to custom design and manufacture accordingly to your specific requirements for your door! Get the right foot in the door with us, your door expert of choice.

We are dedicated to providing customers with a large variety of doors in terms of design and materials and will find a door that is perfect for you. More information on fire-rated doors can be found here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What our main HDB door types include:
  • Timber
  • Wooden
  • Laminate (wood design)
  • Veneer (Note: Veneer doors are overlooked in favour of the higher-quality laminate doors as Veneer HDB Doors requires a higher maintenance to prevent corrosion. Oftentimes, veneer doors require varnish and lacquer to protect them from corrosion)
  • Nyatoh
  • Classic
  • Fire-rated or non-fire-rated

All door options come in fire-rated or non fire-rated options. More information on fire-rated doors can be found here!

What properties do the doors have?

Our doors have the following properties:

    • Quality door direct from the factory
    • Scratch and water resistance
    • Odour-free
    • Factory price
    • Fire-rated
    • Good sound insulation
    • Customizable
    • Additional add-ons such as door hardware or accessories, even integrating with our own manufactured smart locks.

For more specific customization, such as interior designer HDB main door with 3D effect, feel free to talk to us.

Why should I order with SG Doors?
Best Quality & Material Assured

All our doors are made with strict quality assurance by a local manufacturer in Singapore, are odour free, scratch and water-resistant while coming at factory prices. Doors made with us are also fully customizable, and we offer additional perks such as door hardware, accessories and even digital locks.

What should I choose for my home main door?
  • Veneer doors are overlooked in favour of the higher-quality laminate doors as veneer requires higher maintenance to prevent corrosion. Wood Veneer is made by applying a layer of real wood onto a plywood core via adhesive to give it a natural look. They are less resistant to wear and tear in comparison to laminate doors but have the selling point of the beautiful natural wood grain. Oftentimes, veneer doors require varnish and lacquer to maintain their condition.
  • Laminate on the other hand is a more sturdy material for your door. It is made by compressing layers of wood and material to form a solid core, and the surface can be entirely customised to your preference so it will not lose out in terms of looks either.
How can I install HDB doors with SG Doors?

Follow the 3-step process and order an HDB main door replacement for your home today:

  1. Place an order with us through online enquire, SMS or phone call. Provide your contact details such as name and number.
  2. We will come down for a site inspection and on-site measurement of your door for confirmation. Upon confirmation, we will require a deposit first. We will issue an invoice once these are done.
  3. The door will usually be delivered and installed within 5-7 working days after the initial deposit is made.
How much does an HDB door cost?

The usual price of an HDB main door ranges between $400-$600, with higher-end products reaching the $1000 price point. To find out more, you can read up on our door prices guide.

SGDoors provide custom quotes and designs for homeowners looking to have a personalised main door.

You can check out more of our products on our gallery page.

What are timber doors?

Timber doors are one of the oldest materials in the door industry. However, there are many good reasons why timber is still widely used in today’s doors. Timber is not only secure and environmentally friendly, its colours also makes it aesthetically pleasing and easy to match with plenty of door accessories, such as digital locks and door handles.

Wooden doors have always been a solid contender when it comes to home design. Timber front doors are unique and offer different aesthetics than aluminium and uPVC doors. With premium craftsmanship and authentic appearance, timber doors will leave a lasting impression on guests and neighbours alike.

What are the advantages of timber doors?
Resistant to Harsh Weather

Wood has many characteristics that earned its reputation as a material for doors. Although natural wood is unable to have water-resistant properties, timber compensates for this as they are carefully coated with a weather-resistant coating. Veneer doors are a different type of door that comes with similar resistant properties too, so they are a close runner-up.

A protective finishing layer comes in the form of lacquer. This can allow timber doors to withstand both rain and sunshine. Lacquer also gives wooden doors its beautiful glossy shine. 

Durability & Low Maintenance

Timber is easy to repair, but you may not find yourself in the common need of doing so. Timber is one of the most resilient materials in construction and furniture manufacturing as they are sturdy enough to be resistant to physical trauma or damage. Having timber for a HDB bedroom door also reinforces the security of your home from within.


Homeowners on a budget may find this a piece of good news, as timber is relatively affordable, bearing a few exotic versions that require importing.

A lavish looking front door also adds curb appeal to your home, which refers to how attractive your home looks from the outside. Since first impressions matter, this directly impacts the eventual pricing of your home if you wish to sell years later. Since many of us don’t live in terrace houses or bungalows, your door and gate is the first thing visitors take note of when viewing your house. Having a nicer front door made of timber is good for those who want to rent out a second home too!

Having a long lifespan and minimum effort for maintenance, timber has also proven to be cost-effective. Get in touch with us for a free quotation and let us help you beautify your home!


Timber offers the aesthetic value of wooden doors but with added protection. They have a classic vibe that homeowners with a complementary interior design theme may be able to make use of when planning their home interior design.

Due to their timeless beauty, timber doors are compatible with various types of homes, making them a classic and convenient choice. This is a popular choice for many Singapore HDB room doors


Timber products have a long lifespan and can probably last for decades. With proper maintenance works, it is likely capable of outliving many other pieces of furniture in your home.

What are the disadvantages of timber doors?

Being wooden doors, timber doors are still susceptible to rot, especially if they absorb water. Water-resistant properties may be less effective over time, as the weather-resistant coating on timber doors are exposed to harsh weathering elements.

This is especially relevant for homeowners in Singapore and other humid climates that might be at risk.

Unlike their laminated counterparts that have man-made exteriors to protect the core, timber doors have a layer of lacquer and varnish on top to complete their look. Wooden doors are also susceptible to scratches and general wear and tear since they are not as resistant. As such, wooden doors must be maintained and reapplied with stain or lacquer to preserve their lifespan. As with any wooden material and furniture, termites and rot may also be an issue, so periodic maintenance is a must.

As with any wooden material and furniture, termites may also be an issue.

What are the types of timber materials?
  • Alder
  • Ashwood
  • Bamboo
  • Birch
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Hemlock
  • Maple
  • Pinewood
  • Poplar
  • Redwood
  • Walnut

Fire-rated Doors

Top HDB fire-rated door supplier in Singapore

Our fire-rated doors are HDB qualified and come with HDB’s license. Please note that buying a fire-rated door in Singapore without an HDB permit is against the HDB regulation.

For more info, please refer to http://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/residential/living-in-an-hdb-flat/renovation/building-works

FAQ/Common queries (Fire-rated):

Do I need fire-rated doors for my HDB main door? Is it mandatory by HDB to have a fire-rated main door?

If you are living in an HDB in Singapore, there are requirements for fire-rated doors in Singapore. There are 2 situations for this requirement:

Your HDB flat has a main door entrance along the fire escape route.

For the replacement of the main entrance door and/or frame along the fire escape route (i.e. for door opening into passageways such as staircases, lift lobbies), a permit is required, and the replacement door and/or frame must be half-hour fire-rated and the frame must have a door closer.

In this case, you will require an HDB licensed contractor with a permit to install it. The company has to apply for an HDB permit on your behalf before we can change your fire door.

It is important to note that for the replacement of the main entrance non-fire-rated door or frame, there are no guidelines or permits required. 

Your HDB flat already comes with a fire-rated door provided originally

Again, you need to engage an HDB licensed fire-rated door like those provided by us to install your fire door as we will need to apply for an HDB permit on your behalf before we can change your fire-rated door. Remember that only those certified can remove and reinstall a fire-rated door!

For more information, you can check out:

What will happen if I do not get a permitted fire-rated door contractor to install for me?

As a flat owner, upon conviction, you will be fined up to $5,000 and other penalties.

It is important for homeowners to only engage HDB registered renovation contractors to carry out renovation works in your flat. HDB requires certification so that your home and the well-being of your neighbours are sufficiently protected.

Changing out fire-rated doors is an area of inspection by HDB officials, and requires an HDB registered contractor like us to replace your fire-rated door. ​​​Hence, it is important to find out the best fireproof protection option for you.

My door has to be fire-rated. Does that mean my door will be ugly?

Definitely not! Safety does not have to compromise on beauty and aesthetics. The manufacturing process for a fire-rated door involves making it more resistant to building or HDB requirements. Our expert door design team with over 20 years in the industry is more than capable of producing a safe door while meeting your beauty expectations.

How do I tell if a door is fire-rated?

Look for markings near the hinges or around the corners of the door. If your door is older or bought over from a previous resident, this marking might have been painted over. Try to find any raised surfaces or edges that stand out. 

Visit our enquiries page and contact us if you’re still confused about what a fire-rated door is, whether a door is fire-rated or if your home requires a fire-rated door. Alternatively for more info, please refer to HDB’s regulation page here.

Why do I need fire-rated doors?

In general, there are 2 situations where you need a fire rated door for your HDB flat:

  1. Your HDB flat has a main door entrance along the fire escape route.
  2. Your HDB flat already comes with a fire rated door provided originally

We have 2 kinds of HDB main doors, a fire-rated one and one non-fire rated. You can find out more about Everything You Need to Know About Fire-rated Doors here. Should you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact us and let us know your requirements.

What are the types of HDB fire-rated doors?

Modern buildings have to meet special fire precautionary measures, in order to prevent fire mishaps. Hence, it is important to have a working and verified Fire Rated Door.

The average time a fire-rated door can withstand fires can last from twenty to ninety minutes, depending on the material and quality of the door. Apart from keeping the fire from spreading further, fire-rated doors also allow residents and inhabitants to evacuate the building safe and sound. 

There are 2 main kinds of fire-rated doors, namely wooden and metal ones. Our SG Doors fire-rated doors are customisable based on their fire-rated specifications. They are fire-rated in intervals of 30mins.

In most households, 30 minutes  to 1 hour of fire rating is sufficient. In industrial areas, due to the size and complexity of the compound, a 4 hour fire-rated door may be required for the facility.

For more information on fire-rated doors, you can have a look here. You can also check out more of our products on our gallery page.

What is the price of HDB fire-rated door in Singapore?

Fire rated door prices are similar to HDB main door prices, but the fireproof properties will add on to the cost of the door. Higher fire grading will come with a higher price point, due to the materials needed to fulfil its requirements.
To find out more, you can read up on our door prices guide. You can also contact us for more info. More of our products are also available on our gallery page.

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