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Quality Doors

Made directly from our factory, our doors are made of high pressure laminate, thick baseboard, solid timber structure, solid center core fill.

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Great Service

Our technicians and installers are well-trained to overcome any issues during door removal and installation, as well as advice you what material to get. 

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Crafted in Singapore

We quality control our products to bring you the best quality of doors and gates. Visit our factory in Singapore to view our doors and gates. 


About Us

SGDoors is a well-established company located in Singapore known for producing high quality doors at reasonable and attractive prices.

At SGDoors, we have a wide range of products ranging from HDB fire-rated main doors, solid timber doors, HDB gate, wooden doors, and fire-rated doors for both home and commercial customers.


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HDB Timber Entrance Door

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Bifold Door

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Laminated Sliding Door

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Mild Steel Gate

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Laminated Bedroom Door

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Digital Lock

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Best HDB Door Contractor In Singapore

SG Doors is one of the leading door suppliers in Singapore, producing different door products from HDB doors, main gate, PVC doors to solid timber doors. We are expanding our range of products to include door hardware as well, having products like digital lock and other accessories.

Why Choose SG Doors?

We are in business for over 20 years, and have a wide range of doors and gates, from all kinds of material such as timber, PVC to steel gates. Our doors typically have the following properties:

  • Quality door direct from factory
  • Scratch and water resistance
  • Odour-free
  • Factory price
  • Warranty: We provide 1 year warranty for all products sold
  • Free locks and accessories for doors, such as door self closer (for certain doors)

To ensure quality, we conduct site measurement and installation as well.

Factory Direct

Our workshop in Singapore allows us to be both a manufacturer and supplier for doors in Singapore. If you have an idea or concept for a customized door, our skilled craftsmen will be able to deliver them to you.

With our own workshop, you can be assured of quality, supply consistency, better time and cost management. We manufacture most of the products we offer below:

  • HDB main doors
  • HDB main gates
  • Bedroom doors
  • Toilet doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Timber doors
  • Glass doors
  • Metal doors
  • Digital locks

Find reliable, quality door supplier and manufacturer at SG Doors today.

Types of Doors We Provide

  • Classic doors - Classic door is made of plywood (compressed sawdust) or medium density fiber-board (MDF), and is typically the cheapest amongst all the other doors.
  • Nyatoh doors - Nyatoh plywood doors are made from pieces of nyatoh plywood sheet glued and pressed together, and can be the heaviest amongst all the other doors.
  • Veneer doors - also known as "designer doors", they provide the style element for homes and offices
  • Laminate doors – one of the latest addition to the market, it has scratch resistant and odour free properties. However, it can be costly, but the value it brings to the owner is usually the highest amongst all other doors.

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SGDoors is a well-established company located in Singapore known for producing high quality doors at reasonable and attractive prices

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