All You Need to Know About HDB Doors

HDB Bedroom Doors

The usual measurements of a door frame in an HDB flat are 2.75ft x 7ft, while the thickness is at a standard 35 millimetre. The BTO flat is slightly different, with a larger standard width of 3ft x 7ft.

Today, this article aims to discuss more about the different type of HDB bedroom doors and give readers a better sense of the available choices and types of distinction between different doors in the market.

1.   Hollow-core

Bedroom doors with a hollow core tend to be made of plywood, which is lighter and softer. Doors with hollow care tend to be on the cheaper side as the door panel is empty.

2.   Semi-solid core

A semi solid-core HDB bedroom door is heavier than a hollow core door as it has an exterior layer pressed onto the plywood for more thickness and weight. The exterior layer can be composed of materials such as veneer, laminate and nyatoh.

Semi solid-core doors are filled up to at least 70%. As such, they are more soundproof than their hollow core counterparts, with better temperature control qualities.

3.   Solid core

Similar to the hollow core bedroom door, a door with a solid core has an exterior plywood skin. What marks it as different is that the solid core door is fully filled, with one such material being plywood. As such, solid core doors have the most soundproof qualities out of the three and are generally the most expensive.

However, a door with a solid core is still less expensive than a completely solid wooden door. As such, some people may pick a solid core door over a solid wooden door for their bedroom. Additionally, a solid core door provides ample soundproofing without being too heavy for the room.

It is important to note that this will be used for HDB fire-rated doors in Singapore. It is because such doors can hold a fire and let people escape in the case of a fire.

HDB Bathroom Doors

HDB Bathroom Doors differ from bedroom doors in the sense that you have more leeway for creativity as an owner. Bathroom doors also have a higher demand for material choice and structural integrity as they are constantly exposed to water. Hence, as waterproof materials are a strict requirement, the colour and aesthetic of the door may be more restricted in terms of colours and designs.

1.   Sliding doors

To save space without having a door swinging in and out and blocking your way, sliding doors are one of the most popular choices for HDB bathroom doors. Unlike traditional swinging doors that require space when it’s opened or closed, sliding doors help to keep a minimalistic touch on things.

Convenient and sleek in its design, sliding doors also help to add a modern and stylish touch to your home.

2.   V Fold toilet door

Like a sliding door, a V Fold toilet door helps to conserve space by folding in upon itself when the door needs to be opened. For homeowners who want a strong, durable, and stylish design, V Fold toilet doors are the way to do so.

V-fold toilets are also customisable in terms of colour and design, which gives homeowners more creative freedom. V fold doors are not to be confused with bifold doors.

HDB Main Doors

1.   Nyatoh Doors

Nyatoh doors are unique in their design and outlook. Nyatoh doors are suitable for homes with a retro and classical design, due to its colour scheme. Most contractors who carry Nyatoh Doors for installation also provide painting and lacquer services.

2.   Laminate Doors

Laminated doors are the newest trend on the market, catching on as the next popular choice and overtaking classic choices such as veneer doors and Nyatoh doors. Laminate doors offer better sound and water resistance.

3.   Veneer Doors

Veneer doors come in a wide range of choices, depending on the type of veneer skin your door contractor chooses from. Veneer door shares the same outlook as Nyatoh doors, but are of a deeper and darker shade due to its organic materials.

Things You Need to Know About HDB Door Gates

These days, personalising your home extends to the layout, design, and the colour of your HDB door and gate. While gates and doors are traditionally used for safety reasons, modern creativity has pushed the limits and boundaries of doors and gates to beyond their intended function.

With creative designs and materials, some gates are made with the intention of allowing better airflow and current to make the living room area of the house much cooler and brighter.

Nevertheless, there are still HDB Guidelines that HDB homeowners and Door Contractors must adhere to.

For condominium owners, they play by a different set of rules and must seek approval from the relevant Condominium management before the gate installation and removal process. This is to ensure that the safety, aesthetic theme, and the neighbouring residence are not disturbed during the renovation process.

There is no existing permit required to apply for when homeowners replace an entrance door or internal door for HDB houses. This is provided homeowners do not enlarge the existing door portals. Exit doors are required to be 850 mm wide when opened.

If you were to replace or close an entrance, however, an HDB sanctioned permit is still required. Aside from the traditional door gate choices, there exist other variations of doors in the market today.

Privacy gates and Pet-Friendly gates

Privacy gates and Pet-Friendly gates are also available as choices for homeowners. Privacy gates are designed in such a way that the homeowners are still able to enjoy their safe space in the living room without the fear of being stared or looked at by neighbours walking by, granting some privacy despite having their main door opened.

Pet-friendly gates are made and created to keep pets from leaving the house unintentionally and straying away. Did you also know that HDB only allows owners to keep one dog in the flat and that one dog must be one of the 62 approved breeds (or cross-breeds) among this list?

With sufficient resources, there can also be a combination of the two gates, which merges the best of both features. The size, design and type of materials would affect the cost and durability of the gate. Mild Steel Gates, containing about 2% carbon mixed with alloy elements, are costlier than the Wrought Iron Gates due to its more desirable properties and costly materials.

Digital locks are also becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and accessibility. Having a keyless situation eliminates the inconvenience of forgetting or losing your house keys.

Here are other factors to consider about how your HDB door and gate should interact:

  • Have a small space reserved between the two for your door viewer to have a better scope of vision
  • Adding a waterproof splash plate at the bottom of your door gate could help your HDB door last longer and prevent structural damages.
  • Gate colour and door colour matters. Both aesthetic properties have to bounce off each other elegantly without clashing.
  • Having an insect net on the door gate could help improve your quality of life, as you fend off bugs and pests.

Installing your HDB Doors With SGDoors

We make the process painless and simple.

  1. Place an order with us.
  2. We conduct a site-inspection and measurement of your door for confirmation.
  3. The door will be delivered and installed within a week after the initial deposit has been made.

At SGDoors, we provide:

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