Bedroom Door

Bedroom Door Supplier in Singapore

SG Doors provide a list of top-quality bedroom doors in Singapore. Our factory is in Singapore and can provide very customizable designs, specifications according to your requirement.

We can also provide additional services such as door painting and varnishing. These are common related services that homeowners may require for their bedroom doors.

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Types of bedroom doors we offer

Our range of bedroom doors include:

  • Classic doors – Classic door is made of plywood (compressed sawdust) or medium density fiber-board (MDF), and is typically the cheapest amongst all the other doors.
  • Nyatoh doors – Nyatoh plywood doors are made from pieces of Nyatoh plywood sheet glued and pressed together, and can be the heaviest amongst all the other doors.
  • Veneer doors – also known as “designer doors”, they provide the style element for homes and offices
  • Laminate doors – one of the latest addition to the market, it has scratch resistant and odour free properties. However, it can be costly, but the value it brings to the owner is usually the highest amongst all other doors.
  • Bifold Door and Timber Door – Available options for homeowners looking to have more flexibility in their interior design choice.

No matter which room door you require help with, we are happy to help.

Additional Bedroom Door Accessories To Consider

Door Accessories to complete your project:

  1. Door hinges
  2. Door knobs
  3. Door accessories
  4. Door levers

Our doors have the following properties:

  • Factory price
  • Warranty
  • Fire-rated
  • Customizable
  • For more specific customization on your bedroom doors, such as interior designer HDB main door with 3D effect, feel free to talk to us.
  • Additional add-ons such as door hardware or accessories, even integrating with our own manufactured smart locks

Regardless of your interior design choice, we aim to bring the best out of your bedroom doors.

How to Choose The Best Bedroom Door For Your Home?

Everyone wants a goodnight sleep. Having a bedroom door that is more solid, more soundproof, is usually a better option for your bedroom door.

Buying a door for your bedroom is not as simple as just choosing one from an online store and getting a handyman to install for you. We provide additional advice, such as the matching styles and on other factors such as doors giving the feeling of warmth, open space, to even allowing the amount of light to flow between rooms.

Keep in mind to match the look of the room with the type of door you choose, and always ask for advice before ordering a customized bedroom door.

Some interior design styles may require you to customise your bedroom door to match the colour and theme of your home design.

Below are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a room door:

  • Asking for a quotation, warranty, workmanship and portfolio
  • Solid core vs hollow core: you can choose hollow core doors if sound insulation is not a must, such as toilet doors. Solid core doors are good for durability and privacy (sound insulation).
  • Door knobs and other accessories: Most knobs should be easy to install, and compatible with both right and left-handers. You should also check if there are hinges, knobs and other accessories that come along with installing a room door.

Installing Bedroom Doors With SG Doors

Buying a bedroom door can never be simpler. Follow the 3-step process and order a bedroom door for your home today:

  1. Place an order with us through online enquire, SMS or phone call. Provide your contact details such as name and number.
  2. We will come down for a site-inspection and on-site measurement of your door for confirmation. Upon confirmation, we will require a deposit first. We will issue an invoice once these are done.
  3. The door will usually be delivered and installed within 5-7 working days after the initial deposit is made.