Other Types of Wood

Mahogany is another distant relative of timber. Being more robust and more durable than oak, mahogany takes on a beautiful shade of red and is extremely versatile in terms of use.Mahogany doors take on substances like paint very well and possess a special wood grain.


Solid Wooden Doors are made entirely out of wood, thus being stronger and sturdier. While it is an expensive option, many homeowners opt for solid wood doors due to their durability. HDB room doors commonly sport solid wood doors too. 

They provide great heat insulation and are known for being naturally soundproof. However, solid wooden doors do require careful maintenance to maintain their durability. 

Humidity can cause the wood material to expand or contract, which may affect the position of your door. Faced with this problem, you might be forced to change your door completely. 


Engineered wood doors are also popular for being stronger and heavier than their plywood counterparts. Also known as Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF), engineered wood doors are frequently suggested as a definitive choice as they have fireproof properties. This is especially ideal if you are picking a door for your kitchen. In Singapore, they can be commonly found to be in fire-rated doors, which is a requirement for those staying in HDB.

Laminated doors are not exactly timber, but are a cheap and affordable choice compared to the premium quality of timber. They are no slouch in the looks department either, often coming with a large variety of designs and finishes that can even mimic the natural wood grain of their authentic counterparts. Laminated doors are made by compressing layers of material together to form a core, and coated with a laminate finishing, hence their name. This makes their price point much more wallet friendly, which is great for new BTO owners who want to keep costs low.


Timber veneer doors are doors wherein multiple layers of thin wood slices are glued onto one another to form a single panel. Timber veneer simply means that the thin slices of wood used to create these panels are made from very finely sliced real timber.