Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Doors

Sometimes, people don’t really care what colour their façade would be or what kind of material they’re going to choose for their doors. However, there are still plenty of creative enthusiasts that see their homes as a white canvas.

In such cases, doors shouldn’t be thought of only as simple gateways or a way to nip in and out of a house. For this reason, wooden doors are the perfect solution for every individual who wishes for a stylish and “warm” way to welcome friends and relatives. After all, your front doors have to add to your curb appeal, in order to form a good first impression of your home for your guests and visitors.

Generally, most people might believe that wood’s perks all have to do with the material’s beauty. On the contrary, wooden doors also provide security, insulation and have good soundproof abilities.

Even though wood is an outdated door material and there’s a huge variety of alternatives on the market, it still holds value as there are several advantages that still keep wooden doors a preferable choice.

This is especially true for an interior room door, where you want it to be as wooden as possible to have a “homely” feel.

Traditional look equals style

To begin with, the most important feature of wooden doors is the natural and classic feel with which they instantly introduce in your home or office. What’s more, wood is arguably the best material to work with when it comes to customization and individual style.

This allows the customers to choose from a wide variety of door manufacturers, door models as well as designs. Because of the following advantages, wooden doors are still in style and will surely remain a high-end product in terms of quality and number of advantages.


First of all, the insulation properties of wood as a material allow wooden doors to keep an almost ideal temperature level in your room. To prove that, wood has a high R-value (absolute thermal resistance) which means it’s not affected by temperature changes. In addition, timber is a bad heat conductor and if you apply special weather-resistant finishes, you’ll have a really sturdy and durable HDB door at your service.

As a result, you’ll have a wooden door that will keep the outside heat from getting into your room during the summer. The other way round, in winter it’ll keep the heat inside your house or office.

What’s more, this will definitely save you some money when the electricity bills come. Last but not least, let’s not forget the sound insulation which wooden doors can provide. They are highly efficient in noise reduction compared to their counterparts.

Authenticity and aesthetics

Without a doubt, one thing that makes wood the best material for doors is its authentic “warmth” and beauty. Interior design and doors play an integral part in determining the ‘mood’ of a home. The classic and elegant look of wooden doors immediately increases the value of any property.

Another perk of timber doors is that they can be painted in a color of your choice. This makes them highly-versatile as you may not have the same creative freedom as aluminium, uPVC or other doors.

Maintenance and durability

To make it clear, if you’re looking for a front door, you should be prepared for the wear and tear. One major advantage of wooden doors is the rust-free experience which helps a lot in rainy and windy climate. If you maintain a timber door properly, you’ll be able to keep them as good as new for at least a couple of decades. Also, the process of maintaining and modifying wood is much easier than aluminium.

The Downsides

Clearly, you can’t have all the goodies without the accompanying downsides. Just like any other, wooden doors also have their disadvantages. For one, they lack the space-saving advantage that bi-fold doors have.

On the contrary, dealing with the downsides that come with wood as a material isn’t an impossible task. Moreover, there is really one major drawback that needs to be taken seriously. Here’s an explanation plus a few tips on how to solve the problem.


As with every natural material, keeping wood at its best requires regular maintenance. Actually, this might not be considered a full minus. Let’s say it has to be done more frequently than with other materials such as aluminium or uPVC, for example.

Bear in mind that if you take care of your timber doors when you’re supposed to, you’ll minimize the repairs and replacements. This includes occasional repainting as you’ll risk your door to start wearing out and looking old.

In addition, the lack of regular maintenance might expose your doors to termites and rot. The former is probably the worst enemy of wood and you should be aware that they reproduce quite fast and not taking the needed precautions may even result in losing your door.

Furthermore, rot is caused by moisture and it’s quite normal for wooden doors to start rotting after time if they’re not properly maintained. The best way to do this is by painting your wooden door so as to protect it from humidity, other weather conditions as well as insects. The same can be said for timber doors.


As with most natural materials, hardwood doors can be a little pricey, especially if the quality of the material is good. Of course, you should take into consideration the long-term effect of your investment so it might be a good idea to spend a little more in order to buy a high-quality wooden door that will last you longer.

Pay lesser attention to the door cost, but focus more on the cost-effectiveness of your purchase.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are tons of options when it comes to interior and exterior doors. With wooden doors, you can’t stray away from the classic and authentic look which is bound to instantly catch the eye of every visitor.

If you’re looking for a creative and efficient way to protect your entryway, timber doors will give you the freedom to express yourself by choosing what colour to paint them. Moreover, they’ll deliver the so-needed protection from the weather and any incoming noise. After all, what better way to furnish your home than an elegant and beautiful wooden door?

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