HDB Timber Entrance Door



  • Quality Solid Door Direct From Factory
  • Quality Lockset
  • Water & Scratch Resistance Laminated Surface


  • Site Measurement & Installation
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lockset and Self Closer
  • Total: $0.00


HDB Main Door

HDB owners need to be aware of the type of HDB main doors they are legally required to get. For more information regarding fire-rated doors, you can check out this page. It is also important to choose the main door style that complements your interior design style.

When Do You Need Fire-Rated Doors?

In general, there are 2 situations where you need a fire rated door for your HDB flat:

  1. Your HDB flat has a main door entrance along the fire escape route.
  2. Your HDB flat already comes with a fire rated door provided originally

We have 2 kinds of HDB main doors, a fire-rated one and one non-fire rated. You can find out more about Everything You Need to Know About Fire-rated Doors here. Should you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact us and let us know your requirements.

What Are Timber Doors?

Timber doors are one of the oldest materials in the door industry. However, there are many good reasons why timber is still widely used in today’s doors. Timber is not only secure and environmentally friendly, its colours also makes it aesthetically pleasing and easy to match with plenty of door accessories, such as digital locks and door handles.

Wooden doors have always been a solid contender when it comes to home design. Timber front doors are unique and offer different aesthetics than aluminium and uPVC doors.

With premium craftsmanship and authentic appearance, timber doors will leave a lasting impression on guests and neighbours alike.


Pros and Cons of Timber doors


  • Timber is an extremely durable material that can last for 20 to 30 years.
  • Solid timber doors make for a safe fire-rated door as timber is a fire-resistant material
  • Timber doors can provide you with a rust-free experience
  • Timber is an environmentally sustainable material
  • Timber doors provide heat insulation, making sunny days less warm and rainy days less cold.


  • Timber doors require regular maintenance to maintain its durability
  • High-quality timber doors can be expensive, which might be an issue for homeowners on a tight budget.