Finding a Perfect Home Main Door Style to Add to Curb Appeal

How often do you pay attention to your home main door? If your answer is not that often, then that’s a pity. Your front door is the focal point of your home playing the important role of curb appeal. An absolutely gorgeous door can change the entire dynamics of your home. It is your home’s signature giving it a unique identification.

The first thing you see when you pull your car in your driveway is your main door only. It makes an architectural impressive statement to your guests and neighbours while setting the tone for the rest of your home sweet home. 

Beautiful front doors have the potential to change the entire appeal of your house’s exteriors. A hardwood front door would give a different impression than other types of front doors. Whether formal, casual, traditional or trendy, every door speaks something about the aura of your home.

The front door is something homeowners use several times a day. Most of them believe that it is the most important part of a house as even considered by the Feng shui which holds perspective to generally use the front door only for entering and leaving the house instead of garage door or back door.

No one would ever like to enter into a healthy and hygienic home through the clumsy and ungraceful main door. Feng shui believers agree that a good front door brings wealth and positive energy into the house while nourishing it and bringing in happiness.

Today, personalisation throughout the home is becoming the basis of the new design trends. Homeowners add their personal touch to their homes by choosing front doors that reflect their personality. You could be giving a clue to the people who you are before they have even knocked on your front door.

So, how to figure out what door style, colour, and texture match your personality?

While selecting the right door for your home, many factors go into decision making. You can choose the design of the doors on the basis of architecture, material and many other features. 

Architectural Style

The design of the home main door should fit in the style of your home. You need to follow a cohesive approach and feel for the entire exterior of your house. For instance, a glass front door has more chance of adding appeal to your modern clean-lined exterior.

Let’s find out the options in style:

Traditional Style 

Everything old is in vogue and those designs have come back in trend from the past to be a part of modern homes. The home main doors which suit the classic old homes fall in the category of traditional style. This includes battened and ledged doors having vertical planks of wood designed with horizontal ledges. The rustic traditional designs suit the façade of the country houses.

The amount of visible glass in conventional doors is less than its modern counterparts. The traditional design is curved with ornate metalwork that usually accompanies an equally intricate door handle. These doors are often painted, bringing out a vibrant look of a house front. 

Modern Style

This style of front doors depicts the bold choice of home. Abundance natural sunlight and free use of glass are the trademarks of the modern style of main doors.

Straight and clean lines with absolutely no fuss around the edges mark the modern style of doors. Often, modern doors feature full glass pane in the frames of front doors, however, bare metal is also used.

Mostly, grey or black is the popular colour for modern style front doors. However, a wild colour can also make a striking appearance for the modern ones. 

Craftsman Style 

This style of doors has made a comeback in style in recent times. A craftsman style door blends perfectly with almost any style of the house. Think about clean and modern living in the middle of nature and you will have an idea of what craftsman style is.

This style features glass panels on the top half of the door along with sides as well. Dark brown stains, giving a slightly rustic touch are the hallmark of this unique door style.

Colonial style

This style is epitomized by elegant simple doors with limited use of glass panes in the frame. These doors do not have elaborated or ornate patterns somewhat similar to traditional styles. The colonial-style doors infuse a simple splash of colour to the home front. Often the favoured colours are blues, blacks, and reds. 

Victorian style 

It is all about details when it comes to the Victorian style of doors. The most common design is a four-panel structure, upper ones being in the glass material. Often, the glass in this style of doors is stained or features Craftsman-inspired designs that complement its unexpected colours and graceful towers and turrets that are hard to miss. 

Different door styles add a unique style element to the entrance, influencing the overall personality of the house.


When it comes to the main doors, there are several options to choose from. These days, front doors are mostly built from wood, metal, glass, or a combination of all these materials.

Timber wood

The sturdy and elegant nature of timber wood makes it the most popular choice for HDB main doors. Wooden doors look great in both country-style and contemporary style homes.

As wood is a natural resource, no two pieces will be alike, resulting in a beautiful door that is uniquely your own. This natural beauty complements the aesthetics of your home while the considerable weight adds the element of security.


A metal door can be considered for an artisanal look that is both warm and contemporary. Although copper and stainless steel front doors are evergreen, black steel is getting popular with the ongoing strong industrial trend.

A wrought iron door or gate projects security and grandeur which is hard to match combination. A metal door has more strength to withstand harsh weather than a wooden door. So if your home is situated in harsh weather conditions, the metal door is the best option for you. 


Nothing makes more of a statement than a glass front door. New and innovative glass main doors can boost your curb appeal, incorporate personal style and design into your house besides setting an inviting tone for the guests.

Glass doors are proved to be a great asset when you want to increase the natural lighting in your home and the overall energy. Natural light in your home is believed to help improve your mood and improve feelings of peace and productivity. 

Combination of materials

  • Glass doors with side panels– Glass is used in conjugation with wood and/or metal for the designing of front doors for the home. One of the trendiest designs takes the existing double door design and converts it into the front door size with a glass panel. 
  • Steel Atrium door– Another industrial chic door that is getting popular is the steel atrium door. The black steel grid frame and glassworks can add magic to any style. 
  • Wood and glass panel front doorWooden doors are perfect for a contemporary look that enhances the exterior of your house and also lets plenty of light into the interior. In case you want privacy, just use frosted or etched glass has some kind of design.
  • Framed and panelled exterior doors– These doors are common in the residential buildings of Singapore and elsewhere in the world. They are built from a combination of wood, metal, and glass designed with decorative panels.  
  • Flush doors– They are seen mostly in modern buildings. They have partly hollow interior covered with aluminium, plywood, or fibreglass from both sides. Homeowners generally choose a simple design and smooth finish for flush doors.  

Other Salient Features

Apart from the architectural styles and materials, there are other features also that help in the process of decision making for the front door. The following are the features that make the door stand out and reflect our needs:


Gone are the days when people think that only a certain kind of home could pull off an arched front doorway. In modern times such as these, you can always experiment and explore new ideas.

The unique nature of arches gives a totally different persona to your house with minimal efforts. Usually, they are custom-fitted, making them more expensive hence more desirable by the individuals. 


Modern pivot doors are hitting the new trend records. Pivots are a set of pins attached at above and below the door, as opposed to wall mounted hinges which are joined on one side of the door only.

This gives a look of a large scale, floor-to-ceiling door that pivots on the axis providing a neat and interesting addition to modern style entries. They are perfect for a location where a door jamb is not possible or simply just because they are trendy.


Doors come in many different types and colours. The basic idea is the door should blend with its surrounding frame, and let its material and texture do the work for it. The colour palette of the door determines contemporary designs. Natural, eco-friendly and neutral colours are setting the trend such as ivory, white, grey, tan, taupe and beige.

However, if you are going bold with your door design and incorporated stained glass with arches, you might want something completely different from the lot. In that case, dark blues and warm reds are popular shades. 

Unlike when choosing colours for your bedroom doors, you are restricted by the surrounding colours of your walls and gate rather than the interior design theme of your home, when it comes to choosing colours for your exterior door.


Whether you are the one who wants to pair their door style with the home or an enthusiast who likes the excitement of mixing and matching home and door style, this article will offer you a complete guide to choosing the home front door of your choice.

Having specific styles also ensure that your door is well built and well installed by the professionals. After all, it has the biggest job of greeting you and your guests.  

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