Door Costs in Singapore

Doors are an integral part of our home. The right main door for your home not only provides you with an added sense of safety and security, but can also help to add to the ambience and aesthetic beauty of your home. Correct door placement is also good for helping bring Feng Shui to your home.

The costs of installing doors creep up on you when we really start thinking about how many door-related installations there are. An average 4-room HDB flat has the main door, anywhere from 3-5 separate doors for your bedrooms and storeroom, kitchen and bedroom doors for both the master and common bathroom and finally all the cabinets and cupboards around the home. It is important to understand which doors to install for which purpose, and within these subcategories, there are different types of doors for bedrooms or bathrooms etc. You get the picture, and it might be worrying. We want to help by providing more information about the various door types and costs associated with them, so your interior design budget will not break the bank!

Although the door is often one of the most overlooked parts of the home, choosing a door that best fits your needs is important. In Singapore, it is important for you to take note of the requirements for a HDB fire-rated door.

Additionally, after years of use, your doors will inevitably undergo wear and tear and will require repairs, replacements or upgrades in the form of door accessories.

In these scenarios, repairing or updating your doors are important to help maintain their strength and quality. In an event where your door is beyond repair, you should consider replacing it.

Installation costs for interior doors

The usual price when it comes to installing a door within your home can go from anywhere between $175 to as much as $1000 per door. In this case, the material and type of door installed will directly affect the price.

Timber doors

Timber doors are a classic choice for many parts of the home. Their price range goes from approximately $600 to as high as $1000. Higher quality timber doors are often fairly expensive, which might make it less suitable for homeowners who have small budgets.

However, timber doors are high-quality, sturdy and extremely durable. This makes them the optimal choice when it comes to your main door, which needs to be strong and sturdy to provide your home with the best sense of safety and security.

Furthermore, the timber itself is a rust-free and environmentally-friendly material, which are added bonuses. Additionally, timber is resistant to fire, which makes timber doors fire-rated doors that provide extra safety. Some HDB’s require fire-rated doors, so check with your installer to be sure!

The flip side is that while timber doors are sturdy, hefty and add a luxurious touch to your home, they are still natural wood. Their coating of varnish and lacquer can be damaged over time, especially if they are used for bathroom doors or your main door. These timber doors need to be replaced or maintained with a certified door specialist like SGDoors over a few years for them to reach a good lifespan. If done properly, they can weather any storm and last for decades.

Laminated doors

Laminated doors cost anywhere from around $300 to $600. Laminated doors are a type of wooden door made with syntactic material that is layered onto a wooden surface. It is made up of good quality plywood, which makes it a very durable option.

Laminated doors can be used as bedroom doors. Its surface can incorporate many designs, which gives homeowners creative flexibility and input. Its customizability makes it a very popular option in terms of door choices, and it comes with an option of a hollow core or a solid core, based on what you need. Customizability also means more available designs to choose from, which adds depth and pairs well with your room via color theory.

These doors are also more resistant than their timber counterparts since they are entirely man-made. They get their namesake from the laminated coating applied on the core, which makes it scratch-resistant and weatherproof. To save even more space, laminated sliding doors can be hidden in a recess in the wall. This is called a pocket door, which is great for separating spaces like a home office, kitchen or kids play area. Laminated doors are great all-rounders for your home without breaking the bank!

You can find out more about laminated bedroom door and laminated sliding door on SGDoors.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are on the cheaper side in terms of doors, being priced around approximately $200 to $300.

They are very popular options for washroom doors due to their space-saving properties, as well as places with smaller capacities such as small bedrooms, kitchens and even balconies or patios. Good for semi-detached homes and bungalows, separating the porch or your driveway. 

Don’t confuse bifold doors with sliding doors, however. The former is thinner since it comprises multiple panels that fold in on themselves, going up to seven panels for the largest spaces. Sliding doors are slightly pricier and are usually made of glass which raises their cost price to anywhere between $300 and $1600 for high-end designs. These sliding doors are usually just one panel that slides away when opened. Be confident of what door you want for your home and contract a certified HDB door installer for guaranteed results!

Bifold doors can come either plain or with pictures, which makes them available for customisation.

Door Accessories

Door accessories, sometimes known as door hardware, refer to door-related products such as door stops, knockers, peepholes, door hinges, doorbell buttons and other such items. Technological advances have also given rise to high-quality door accessories such as digital locks, which provides added safety and security for your home.

Here are some door accessories that are popular with homeowners looking to upgrade or repair their doors.

Digital locks

Digital locks are priced anywhere between $350 to $400.  They can be accessed via passcodes, card access and fingerprint scanners, which is an extremely convenient option for homeowners who do not want to fumble with their keys when unlocking their door.

The passcode sensitive nature of digital locks helps to strengthen the security of your home, making it popular for tech-savvy homeowners looking to upgrade safety levels.

These are inexpensive and modern implements to create more sophistication in home design. Check out our catalogue for more designs and types of door locks!

Door hinges

Door hinges are an essential part of most doors. After all, nobody likes a noisy and creaky door hinge that creates a ruckus every time the door is pulled open. Door hinges come in various sizes and materials. Some even arrive in different finishes and styles.

While door hinges are somewhat limited in terms of customizability, you can still pick your preferred finish so that it better matches the aesthetics of your home. For instance, homeowners who prefer a chic and sophisticated interior design can choose a black finishing to complement their home.

Door guard and door locks

Door guards, also known as door locks, are a safe door lock alternative for non-tech-savvy homeowners who prefer the old-fashioned tried and tested method. When picking a door lock, ensure that you pick a sturdy, strong and durable material that cannot be dented easily by brute force.

After all, a door lock (or a door guard) is meant to protect you from external forces, such as people attempting to break in. As such, you should invest in a proper and secure one for added safety.

Similar to a door hinge, a door lock may be limited in terms of customizability, but you can determine its colour by picking a finishing of your choice.

Other door accessories that you may be interested in can include:

  • door closers
  • door fittings
  • emergency exit systems
  • door bolts
  • padlock bars


Doors are more than just a purely functional part of your home, they have evolved into decorative elements that are open for customisation, different colours and design.

Door accessories are another way to add to your door. They can enhance the levels of security your door can provide, or improve its functionality, such as the case of door hinges.

Either way, homeowners should not overlook the importance of HDB main doors. Investing in a proper high-quality one with the appropriate door accessories can add to your home and make it a comfortable and safe space that you can rest peacefully in.

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