Crucial Tips to Consider while Buying Exterior Doors

A perfect exterior door sets the feel of a perfect entrance. It appeals to your sense of arrival. Your main door commands the attention of your guests and neighbours. Besides setting an impression, it makes you and your family members feel sound and secure. A fine quality exterior door is one of the most essential parts of your home.

Exterior doors perk up your home’s curb appeal, increasing its competence and adding value to it. Everyone should own an amazing door that they are proud of, one that gives a distinctive personal touch to their home.

The HDB main door is generally the focal point of a house. It should suit and compliment the exterior of your home. An exterior door with the right colour, style, and texture sets the overall tone of your home.

Moreover, choosing the ideal door material plays a crucial part in the overall appeal of the door. Every material such as metal, glass and wood gives different look to the door. Select the material which suits your needs and desire.

Everybody desire the great exterior door while having no doubts when it comes to its value for money. A door with an alluring finish adds to the beauty of the home, increasing its charm while giving the guests a warm welcome. 

Today, homeowners opt for subtle and unique doors that are in trend. With dozens of options available from conventional to modern styles, from glass doors to designer wooden frames and traditional to luxury handles, it has become overwhelming to choose the perfect exterior door.

With several designs available, you are bound to come across a perfect contemporary door solution for your home.

Here are some vital tips to keep in mind while finding a perfect exterior door for your home. 

Time of Replacement

The first thing you need to check is whether your exterior door needs replacement or not. You can determine it by looking into some physical damages like cracks, rotting, scratches, shedding, dullness, and warping.

Conducting a simple inspection of your door will tell you to what extent your door has been damaged. Warping, shedding, and rotting are the obvious signs of replacement, so if you are facing any of them then it is time for a new door. 

Getting just a new door can prove to be the much-needed makeover for your house. It can change the whole appearance of your house giving it a new and fresh look.

Understand the Terminology of Doors

When discussing getting a perfect door for your home, there are few terms that must understand to choose the door of your choice. How you want your door to open? Here comes the inswing and outswing doors which open inside and outside respectively.

According to the design of your hallway and your décor, you can choose from the left-handed or right-handed door determining the side which has hinges. 

Doors with mix and matching of materials are in fashion these days. So if you want glass in the door in small fraction you can choose for lite. Panels of wood are used in contemporary as well as the traditional style of doors.

The exterior door of your house is way more than just a brown or white panel of wood. Therefore, by using high-tech technology, people are today designing the doors in a way that will not only secure your house but will also add a new and unique look to the entrance of your house. HDB doors are becoming more and more unique.

When it comes to choosing the main doors, you need to think carefully regarding the style and texture of the door. You need to check out if it is weather resistant or not, is the design of your exterior door matching with the colour of your house. A correct texture can make all the difference in the overall look of your door.

Create a Good First Impression

Your exterior door is the first thing your guests will notice while entering your home. There is no denying fact that no one wants to welcome the visitors through an abysmal door. Likewise, making a first good impression and giving a long-lasting memory with a gorgeous entry door is important.

Your exterior door has big shoes to fill. It should be protective and commanding, yet also cosy and welcoming. It harmonises with the rest of your home and conveys a strong message to all who enter through

Most people say that maintaining an entrance door is an extremely expensive job. Well, no one likes to enter a house that has a rotted or warped door. A poor clumsy door gives a bad impression of your house. The exterior of your home should be inviting and matches your curb appeal, making anyone who enters happy and positive.

Replacing a basic old door with some new luxury design can dramatically change the appearance of your entrance.

Find the Elegant Door Material 

The material of the door can make a huge difference to the overall beauty and appeal of the door.

Depending on your taste, you can customize your exterior doors with any material so that it can bring out distinctive features to your house. Whether it is a sophisticated look or a traditional design, you can line out any material or texture of your choice and create a perfect entrance door for your house.

Well, if you are looking for affordable solutions that will match your personality, then wooden, steel, metal, glass or fibreglass doors can be your ideal choice.

The exterior doors that are made from wood give your place a conventional and a traditional look while making you feel elegant and graceful. Doors like these are supposed to improve the curb appeal of your house. Moreover, being a heavy material, the doors that are made of metal are robust and secure.

Elegance is the key to maintain a good image in public, and with several wood grain options available for glass exterior door, you can achieve the graceful front door. Fibreglass is another material that can give you the wooden door feel without breaking a hole in your bank. It is one of the cheap and cost-effective door options. This is one of the easiest materials to maintain, which means that you there won’t be any holes in your pockets each year to uphold your fibreglass door.

The major concern of any house owner is having a door that sells security and durability, and for this, the steel doors are the perfect choice for anyone. Most of the steel doors are constructed from 24-gauge steel, furthermore, they are impossible to kick in and complex to dent or bend.

In addition to this, the steel doors are fire-resistant, as well as difficult to warping and cracking.

Hardware to Enhance the Exterior Doors

Adding hardware to your door has become a trend these days. Some of the people are driving in the alley of ancient history by adding up the handles on their doors, while some are going contemporary with the digital lock features. Others are opting for hardwood front doors.

Moreover, when an amazing set of products are added to exterior doors, it completes the entire look and improves the functionality of the front door. 

These days we can see several homeowners are attaching traditional doorbells and locks to their front doors, well it is logical that why you would need both of these essential items.

As we see technology rising and everything else in the world is changing, in other words becoming smart. So, the use of new-technology doorbells and locks are becoming more popular among homeowners, as this is the easiest source for their conveniences and it adds to different safety measures.

Apart from locks and doorbells, you can add some other hardware, as this will be a great attraction for your exterior doors. With plenty of designs available in the market, such as bi-fold doors, you can change the door handles to something that perfectly suits your house. You can use different materials like brass and bronze for your doorknobs and give a different appeal to the front door of your house.


A door is the protection serum to your peaceful living, and when installed a secure and beautiful entrance door, makes you look secure and graceful at the same time. 

It becomes important for you to make your place more welcoming. With gorgeous exterior doors, regardless of the place, you take your guests to your house they will be always pleased with your choice. Having amazing doors that makes your guests and family members smile brings out the best to your house. The same can be said for interior doors.

It looks like you are ready for a stunning replacement door. Well, replacing the exterior door is not a small task, it requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Installing a door that is secure, energy-efficient, durable, stylish, and sets a statement about you is not an easy haul. You need to line up the different styles and texture that will match with the interior and exterior of your house. 

We have enlightened you with the basic knowledge that you require to be an expert in the hunt for your perfect door and will help you to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your new door.

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