Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood Front Doors

When talking about homes and external home aesthetics, you cannot help but mention front doors. As it is considered a key part of each house’s appearance, your main door must have an appealing vibe, accompanied with an authentic-looking, and durable look.

Of course, there is a wide variety of materials, sizes, and styles to choose from. However, nothing can really replace the classic hardwood front doors. 

Of course, materials like uPVC, fiberglass and metal also have their own strengths but they fail to duplicate the feel and uniqueness that solid wood doors deliver. In fact, this type of material has been withstood the test of time and survived the rise and fall of interior design genre trends, and despite the introduced innovations in the field, it will remain in fashion for various reasons.

To provide a more thorough explanation of why hardwood front doors are still preferred by most people, we’ll take a more detailed look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that solid timber main doors have.

The Perks of Having a Hardwood Front Door


First and foremost, when it comes to aesthetics, hardwood can’t be outshined by any other material. This is probably the main reason why wood is the best option for a front door material. Its authentic and old-world charm is unmatchable compared to the plastic look of uPVC or the heavy and hollow metal doors.

Moreover, there are lots of different types of wood each with its unique grain effect. In addition, wooden doors can be easily combined with metalwork and glass frames and if installed with high-quality locks, hinges and fittings, such doors provide a real curb appeal to your home.

Interior design and doors will always be interlinked. It is important to also consider your interior design genre and colour scheme before committing to a hardwood front door.

Security and Durability

Usually, high-quality wooden doors requires a minimal amount of maintenance plus a long lifespan. A hardwood front door can easily last for several decades if taken care of it responsibly. On top of that, solid timber is a well-known insulator which ensures heat loss and noise protection. Additionally, it provides sealing which can hold up to most bad weather conditions.

Last but not least, it might also be a good idea to have a hardwood front door because it’s actually sturdy and dense. It’s surely not very pleasant to feel like you’re going to break through your door just by knocking on it. Aluminium and metal doors are also annoying with their flimsiness and hollowness, which is something worth considering when buying an exterior door.

In fact, hardwood doors have a better locking system because of their weight. In other words, solid wood might be the best option for a durable, windproof, soundproof and secure natural choice that will last for decades.


To some, uniqueness is not a mandatory feature to look for. However, to most people to have an original and appealing entrance is always an advantage. As expected, solid wood has a lot of potentials when it comes to interior and exterior doors – there are lots of different types of hardwood material as well as various styles of panelling, varnishes, stains, handles, knockers and etc. You can even have a wooden door for your bedroom door.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to have a front door that’s both secure and appealing? In addition to that, wood is among the easiest materials to work with and it all depends on your personal preferences to make your entryway look stylish and original. Of course, you can always provide additional protection to your door’s finish by adding a screen door for an elegant shield.

The Downsides

Surprisingly, hardwood front doors don’t have many flaws unless there are some in the very design of a custom-made piece. However, when looking for a solid timber door, you should bear in mind that quality comes with its price, as door costs in Singapore can vary between companies or suppliers.

Actually, even though this type of doors can be a little more expensive than uPVC, the lifespan will certainly make for the money spent. Of course, a possible extra investment is always worth it compared to artificial materials.

As was mentioned above, hardwood front doors are great at insulating and are incredibly durable against inclement weather. However, living in a climate where your door is constantly exposed to bad weather might increase the need for maintenance.

Although a rarity among hardwood doors, it’s possible that the door will swell during bad weather which can cause scraping against the inside of the frame. Luckily, this can be easily fixed by shaving the sides and the top of the door to bring its old shape back.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s hard to neglect the warmth and cosiness that hardwood front doors provide.

If bi-fold doors are a representation of functionality, hardwood front doors represent the aesthetic value that doors can provide.

In addition, it’s a well-known fact that wooden exterior and interior details can considerably increase the value of your property which will give your home a real luxury aesthetic. Other than that, who would replace the authenticity of a solid and unique-looking solid timber door?

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